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Vegan Desserts & Sweets

Let’s satisfy that sweet-tooth craving of yours!
From irresistible Middle Eastern sweets (like this flaky homemade Baklava), to creamy no-bake vegan Arabic desserts – including our crowd-pleasing dairy-free Lebanese Semolina Pudding called Layali Lubnan, and this dreamy Syrian Rice Pudding known as Riz bi Haleeb.

Looking for healthier options that’ll hit the spot?
Try these wholesome Pumpkin Energy Balls, or this easy no-bake Banana Dates Cookies, and our fan-favourite gluten-free & oil-free Vegan Chocolate Crinkles.

And if you’re feeling adventures, try some of our fun air-fried dessert recipes. Like these stuffed Middle Eastern pancakes called Atayef, or rich & decadent Chocolate Cake Pops.

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