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Vegan Malfouf (Arabic Cabbage Rolls)

Malfouf is hands-down a crowd pleaser. Rolled in a garlicky meaty rice filling. This vegan take on the Arabic Cabbage Rolls are made with simple ingredients. Packed with a fusion of flavours! Here’s a video for how to make Malfouf (Cabbage Rolls): This Malfouf (Cabbage Rolls) recipe is: Tender and […]

A bowl of tomato lentil stew. Drizzled with coconut milk, and garnished with parsley. Placed on a blue backdrop, with bagels, lemon, and a spoon.

Vegan Saffron Lentil Stew

This cozy one-pot stew is cooked in a rich and creamy garlicky tomato sauce. Served over rice, mashed potatoes, or as a standalone dish with bread. Perfect with a squeeze of lemon juice for a balanced flavour. It’s the ultimate comfort food! Why Saffron? Saffron is a sweet earthy spice […]

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Vegan Kofta Tahiniya

If there’s one tahini dish you need to try, it’s this one! This vegan kofta dish is layered with half baked (or air-fried) potatoes. Drenched in warm creamy tahini sauce. Garnished with parsley, and drizzled with sriracha for a spicy kick. While this kofta version (the tray) is usually served […]