Author: Waseem Hijazi

Dinner, Entrées

Vegan Makloubeh

A Palestinian national favourite! Makloubeh means Flipped. It’s a layered one-pot dish, with a few veggies par-cooked separately first. Although some people do cook everything in the same one pot, removing then layering to finish off the rice dish. Made with a variation of crispy and juicy textures that bring […]


Date Paste

It’s simply dates. Blended into a smooth and buttery paste. The perfect natural sweetener for a refined-sugar alternative to baking and cooking! The best part about this recipe is that you can use as many or as few dates as you have. So you can make a larger batch and […]


Banana Apple Oatmeal

Yeah, I sometimes make my breakfast in the microwave. So what? I enjoy taking shortcuts on days where I don’t feel like cooking up a meal in the kitchen. Especially when that means less cleanup. So why not?! It’s still delicious & nutritious! This 5-minute breakfast bowl is made of […]

Dinner, Entrées

Vegan Musakhan Rolls

There’s something about eating food with one’s own hands that makes it so much tastier. Makes it personal. Lots of my favourites childhood dishes were the ones I dunked into with bread (like Kofta), formed into shapes before eating (Mansaf), or simply stuffed my face with using my own hands […]

Dinner, Entrées

Vegan Kofta Tahiniya

If there’s one tahini dish you need to try, it’s this one! This vegan kofta dish is layered with half baked (or air-fried) potatoes. Drenched in warm creamy tahini sauce. Garnished with parsley, and drizzled with sriracha for a spicy kick. While this kofta version (the tray) is usually served […]