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Vegan Arabic Recipes

Did you know the Arab cuisine is loaded with plant-based options?
Here you’ll find a collection of naturally-vegan Arabic recipes. Like this wholesome Lebanese Tabbouleh salad, or Stuffed Grape Leaves known as Yalanji, and our popular 8-ingredient high-protein Lentils & Bulgur dish called Mujaddara.

It’s also very vegan-friendly!
We’ve perfected a veganized version for many of the traditionally meat-based classics. Try our meatless Cabbage Rolls – Malfouf, or Palestinian Flipped Rice – Makloubeh. And we can’t forget about those creamy dairy-based desserts, which we’ve made dairy-free. Like this luscious Syrian Rice Pudding called Riz bi Haleeb, or the famous Middle Eastern pancakes known as Atayef.

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