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Welcome to demeals!

Happy to see you here!⁣

I’m Waseem – from ğƒğžğ¥ğ¢ğœğ¢ğ¨ğ®ğ¬ 𝐄𝐚𝐬𝐲 ğŒğžğšğ¥ğ¬! A passionate cook and a food enthusiast, creating recipes with simple tasty plants. Here to help you make your next plant-based dish.

I started demeals to share the food I cook at home, to encourage and inspire people around me to do home-cooking a bit more often. As I dove into the world of cooking, and as I began challenging myself to a healthier lifestyle back in 2020, I found myself shifting towards a plant-based diet. And so, demeals moved towards developing Delicious & Easy plant-based recipes!

I’m thrilled to have you here as part of my journey, and I hope to inspire you with my favourite foods.

About Me

A Jordanian-born Palestinian – part Syrian – I grew up eating lots of different food with a fusion of flavours from different cuisines. The sweet and the savoury. Salty, fruity, and even spicy foods, I enjoy it all! Spending lots of my time in the kitchen as a kid (mostly eating 😉), I picked up on a few things that has helped me develop my cooking skills.

My favourite foods are those that are served as part of a mediterranean mezze – appetizers of smaller dishes served as a meal. Hummus, Falafel, Labneh, Yalanji, Fuul Mudammes, amongst many others. Most of which are already traditionally 100% plant-based. With a variety of vegetarian plant-forward dishes.

I also had other favourites. Meals that are meat-based as well. There are a bunch of cultural dishes that I grew up eating which typically contained animal products/byproducts. Though sometimes when cooked at home, the meat would be cooked and served separate from the main dish. Some of us would have it with the meat, while others would choose to go without any. It was my parent’s way of having us control the amount of meat we eat, without going overboard.

Being vegan doesn’t stop me…

It doesn’t stop me from enjoying the foods I grew up eating. Even the meat-based ones.

A common question I get from friends back home – or people I meet that know I’m Arab and plant-based – is: “Don’t you miss meat?”.

I really don’t.

I’ve come to learn that it’s about the flavourings that I choose that make the dish what it is. Of course, while finding the right replacement to get the right texture. And there’s always a way!

I’m here to show you just that. Hope you enjoy my favourite childhood dishes, as well as the new ones I’m inspired to make.

A little more About Me:

I am a guy who loves cooking at home because I believe that no one can make your food better than you can – IF you want to.

I enjoy making a mess in the kitchen for the sake of creating something spectacular.

I often make meals from ingredients that are not commonly used in the recipe, just because I think a personal touch is always needed.

I take more photos of my food than of my self.

And most importantly, I LOVE creating a lasting memory for people when sharing my food with them.

30-Day Vegan Challenge

Back in early 2020, I challenged myself to try a Vegan diet for 30 days straight. 100% Plant-based. I discovered ways of cooking I couldn’t have imagined before. The idea of eating vegan being boring and repetitive is just false.

Amongst the many incredible food bloggers who have helped guide me towards what foods to eat, I was able to develop vegan recipes of my own. This is when I started questioning the entire system of eating that I have been following for years.

Thank you for visiting my humble little space. I am honoured to be able to share my journey with you.

Happy Eating!
Waseem Hijazi