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Where traditional Arabic food is made with a fun & healthy plant-based spin. Discover the naturally-vegan Middle Eastern recipes, and easy-to-veganize Arabic dishes. You'll find a collection of approachable vegan recipes to have you travel through flavour right into the Arab cuisine!

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Vegan Arabic Recipes

Growing up in Jordan - with Palestinian roots and family from Syria - the founder of DEMEALS (Waseem) takes you on a trip around the Middle East with his vegan Arabic recipes. Explore a fusion of flavours from the Arab cuisine to make your next plant-based meal. Including traditional Mezze spreads, authentic cultural dishes, and dreamy Arabic desserts.

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With the fall season at the doors, try some of our pumpkin recipes. From snacks and sweets, oatmeals, drinks, to savoury dinner ideas.

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Meet Waseem
Meet Waseem

Hey, I'm Waseem! The founder of DEMEALS - Delicious Easy Meals. I recreate my favourite childhood Arabic recipes with a plant-based twist. Featuring the naturally-vegan authentic dishes too (like: Falafel, Hummus, Tabbouleh, and Fatteh - to name a few!). Here to show you how versatile the Middle Eastern cuisine can be!

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Vegan Desserts Recipes

Find a collection of luscious vegan Arabic desserts, no-bake treats, and healthy sweets. A variety of prep-ahead recipes to snack on later.

Emergency Recipes

Need a last-minute recipe? Here are our go-to quick & easy vegan recipes to make on a busy day. Including lots of stews & pastas.

Vegan Snacks

Check out these fun wholesome recipes to enjoy for a mid-day snack. You'll find some great pre-or-post workout snacks, and tasty pick-me-ups.